Pizza Mia Hanscom [Bedford, MA]

We have twice had pizza and a Greek salad from Pizza Mia delivered to the office and I wanted to let anyone in the area know that this is a solid office delivery option. The pizzas are good* and generous with the toppings and the catering size Greek salad comes with very fresh lettuce, cuke slices, black olives, grape tomatoes, sliced green pepper and sliced red onion, with lots of feta, croutons and dressing on the side plus super-fresh pita.

*I subscribe to the J. Kenji López-Alt theory that even bad pizza is pretty good. This is not bad pizza, it really is pretty good.


Is this thin-crust old-school pizza? That wouldn’t be a bad location for pickup for us.

Oh, I just read that you have to have security clearance to pick up or eat there. Bummer!

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@GretchenS Are you spying on me?? Just a few hours ago, B had a meeting out towards Bedford and wanted spring onion and I to hitch a ride out there with him so the 3 of us could grab an early dinner right afterwards. And I came across Pizza Mia for the first time ever.

B ended up going to his meeting solo, came home, and we three went to Mighty Squirrel for board games, big fluffy pretzels (albeit a bit greasy), curry chicken hand pie, and delicious beers. The fire pit was going strong but was occupied the whole time, so we stayed indoors. We did manage a few rounds of cornhole, which spring onion is trying to master.


Yes, I should have made it clearer that it really is a delivery option only.

I’ll never tell. :wink: