Pizza Hut staff sacked after being sexually harassed - BBC


Geez. These franchise owners are certainly a piece of work! How does the U.K. usually deal with payouts to the fired staff members for something like this?

The Employment Tribunal which heard their case against unfair dismissal is a quasi-legal body. As mentioned in the BBC report, it will decide on what compensation is due. There is a schedule of payments, based on years of employment and salary, which has a maximum payout of around £100k on a straightforward unfair dismissal. I think it can be increased quite significantly in cases where racial or gender discrimination has formed part of the unfair dismissal. But, it’s fair to comment that these are not generous awards to wronged employees.

I used to know a lot more about this when I was working and was an elected officer of my trade union branch. But that’s over 20 years ago and much has changed in British employment law in that time - none of it to the benefit of workers.

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That’s disappointing. I read the link you left about McDonald’s in the U.K. as well. This is just SO frustrating that management of these places is getting away with it without recompense to the young workers.