Pizza box made out of pizza


Lol. That is hysterical. Bonus points if it is an actual good tasting crust too.

I don’t know if this video states this, but in one of the videos, the chef/owner said he created this to be environmentally friend because many people throwing away pizza paper box. Of course, the math does not quiet add up. It isn’t like this special “pizza box” is free of resource. It probably tastes bad, so people won’t eat it. The “box (made of pizza)” also costs $40 by itself. So if you order a $12 pizza, you are going to pay $52 ($12 + $40).

Interesting nevertheless.

Deep down you want it.

:slight_smile: Deep down (like in my stomach) I want to puke :slight_smile:

If this pizza-box is meant to fully function as a box, then one would place this pizza-box on the counter, in the car truck and even on the floor…etc As such, I cannot imagine it will be edible afterward. If this pizza-box is truly meant to be eaten, then you would need something else to protect it – maybe ANOTHER box. In that case, what is the point?

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Exactly - who would eat anything that’s been touched by who knows how many people and with clean or unclean hands. UGH!

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I don’t think this is a practical thing at all. It’s just a funny marketing ploy - and kind of a funny one on that front.

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ever seen the inside of the cars kids drive as delivery vehicles? :scream:

Ha ha ha. Good point.

It’s like the bread bowl for clam chowder . They’re both bad ideas .

More like a bread bowl for another bread bowl.


If only they can make a pizza car to deliver it in, now we’re talking!!!