Pitmasters Fan The Old-School Flames Of All-Wood Barbecue - NPR

Have axe, will cook.

“Jones is 34, and he’s joining a trend of young pitmasters embracing all-wood cooking as a means of restoring what they see as barbecue’s authenticity. These new traditionalists operate in cities from New York to Seattle. And the instant clamor around the opening of Sam Jones BBQ is helping to reinforce that the old ways of barbecue are not only not dying, they are roaring back.”


I can see it now . . . two opposing crowds of demonstrators – one, screaming about the planet’s deforestation and the forest’s role in healing the planet, the other about the evils of fossil fuels and the need for renewable resources . . . . they finally agree the only solution is the raw food movement, and the BBQ place goes out of business.

Those sorts of concerns are why I’ve taken to only cooking my pork shoulders by just leaving them out in the sun.

True, it takes a long time, but the gastrointestinal distress is worth it.

A BBQ joint without beer is like a day without sunshine.
Or worse.

Way, way worse .

Yeah, that was weird to me on my first couple of NC barbecue trips. On my second visit to Lexington No. 1, my Jersey, BYOB-addled brain thought it a good idea to bring in a six pack. Although I never cracked a tab, they made me take it right back out to the car.

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Fish market.
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