Pita on Essex, Millburn

HOs, I’m having some regrets about having moved from NNJ now that I’ve been to this place. A friend who lives in Millburn has been singing their praises, and now I know why! While their website needs some help, here’s their “About” section: We are a Mediterranean restaurant serving falafel, shwarma and grilled items. We serve homemade speciaties like Sabich, Shakshuka, Malawach and Malabi. Our pita is fresh and all items are made to order.

A group of us went last night and while I woke up still full, I can’t wait to have the leftovers for lunch! :grin:

We shared the two assorted platters to start…one was a bunch of the fried items (Moroccan cigars, kibbe, and sambusak, which was a new one for me–a potato-filled triangle). The other was a 4-sectioned tray of tabbouleh salad, falafel w excellent tahini, and some of the best hummus and babaganoush I’ve had in a very long time. They also serve their house-made pita w more tahini, and a couple of bowls of pickled cabbage and (we think) either parsnip or jicama.

For entrees, 3 of us had the fattoush (a salad w pita crisps and sumac); some w grilled chicken, and in my case, w the Kofta kabob on top)…my other friend had the (HUGE) bowl of red lentil soup, which she loved. I got an order of falafel to go and will have that along with my leftovers for lunch today. Is it time for lunch yet?? :blush:

This is a very casual spot with waitress service and it’s BYO. Our young waitress was lovely and attentive and tried to be helpful but said she had only been there a couple of weeks, so there were definitely a few things she couldn’t answer, but we did fine. My one complaint was that the pita was just a tad undercooked; as in, I could make squishing dough balls, and this happened with two different batches. When I told the waitress about it, she went back to the kitchen and brought back a fresh basket of them–which had been thrown on the grill. It was the right solution at the time, but I hope they’ll considering cooking them for another 90 seconds in the oven!

If you’re in the area, GO. There’s a big pkg lot across the street. http://pitaonessex.com