Pisces Taiyaki Dessert, SF Hayes Valley Report

I tried out Pisces Taiyaki Dessert on Sunday 12/24/17 since they were giving out FREE taiyaki for the first 10 people. I was one of the first 10 and that made me happy. They are a few blocks away from Salt & Straw in Hayes Valley.

I had to wait about 15 minutes to get one because they make them Fresh. Mine was still warm which is kinda bad because then the soft serve ice cream melts fast!

I picked matcha and black sesame soft serve and they don’t have much flavor, black sesame even looks like vanilla. I picked Unicorn with sprinkles and it was cute, you can eat the unicorn horn and ears, it’s like a hard marshmallow which I liked, I dropped one of the ears so I was sad.

Cone was soft and crunchy, but when I got to the bottom the ice cream melted and it was dripping all over the place. I ate mine standing up, they don’t have chairs in the tiny shop.

I didn’t have my phone so no pics. It’s a good place for photos with a wall that has wings & Pisces on it.

Pisces Taiyaki
488 Fell St at Laguna, SF

Added: Open Dec 25, 2017 1-8pm First 10 ppl get FREE taiyaki cone, and 50% rest of the day.

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