Piramida restaurant on rte9 mandala pan?

Saw the sign while driving by. Any insights from anyone?.

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Though in our area, never heard of it before. Website says it’s their new location. Acc. to FB page, they’re in Towne Point.


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Can someone explain to me how you put pierogis, sushi, baked chicken & my favorite strudel on the same menu?
Eclectic or just throwing things around?
Identity issues?


They used to be located on Rte 33 immediately before the Route 33/34 traffic circle. Never been there but my understanding is they featured Eastern European/Russian influenced dishes. They seem to have recast their focus in their new location.

Interestingly their former location on Rte 33 has a Coming Soon - Peruvian Restaurant sign.

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Interesting that they chose to relocate to Towne Point. The Russian restaurant Shirin Cafe has been located there for many years. I’m guessing Piramida changed/expanded their menu to not directly compete with Shirin. In any case, the menu is a strange conglomeration.

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