Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond opens restaurant in Oklahoma

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I just started reading The Mission Chinese Food Coobook, and guess who else is from Oklahoma? Danny Bowien.

Pioneer Woman is one of comparitively few American “how to cook” programmes we get on Food Network UK. I don’t watch her. For some reason, which I can’t explain, I just find her irritating.

Not as irritating as another woman who used to be on. Can’t recall her name but she always seemed to shout at the camera in what I always think of as a “Noo Joisey” accent (but probably isn’t - and apologies to any New Jersey contributors, no general offence intended).

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That’s about 7/8 of their programming. :slight_smile:

Rachel Ray

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Not her. We don’t get her in the UK (except when she’s on one of those contestant type shows). Seen her shows on past trips to America and quite like her - even bought a couple of cookbooks.

Tokay, now I’m stumped.

Is it Bobby Flay? :innocent:

I want to say Nadia G, but she’s Canadian.

The Harters “Call of the Week” prize goes to small_h. That’s her.

The forum’s “Worst North American Accent Call”, goes to Harters.

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Yes, I was thinking the same. She’s annoying to listen to!

Hey, at least you got the continent right. My dad (born and raised in the Bronx) told a story this Thanksgiving about meeting someone in Ireland who thought he was Welsh.

We’ve been visiting the States since 1980 but it’s only in recent years that we’ve been met with “You’re English/British, right?”, rather than being asked if we’re from New Zealand. My guess is that, back in the early days, Americans may have only been exposed to a very limited number of regional accents, perhaps through TV programmes. FWIW, my accent is nothing like a Kiwi’s.

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