Pinoy BBQ ATBP (Milpitas), the Manny Pacquiao shrine

I saw this place last time I ate at Tayyibaat. I was going to Tayyibaat again today but the line was long so I went to grab some grub from Pinoy BBQ ATBP, a couple of storefronts down.

This Filipino place serves two types of food- precooked dishes, and BBQ. This post is less about the food but mostly about Manny Pacquiao. Apparently the owners (I think) knows Pacquiao and are big fans. So you can see from the pictures below that Pacquiao memorabilia are EVERYWHERE in the eatery. Too bad I found this place after Pacquiao retired- I bet this was an entertaining place to watch a Pacquiao match.

I got the two item combo at $6.75- adobo and beef calderata, a couple scoop of white rice and a complementary beef soup. I don’t know Filipino food well. The two dishes were ok. the shank in the calderata, a Filipino beef stew, was a little tough. The food was economical. They also roast whole pig at $300 a pig.

Visit if you like Pacquiao.

Anyone tried anything else here?


A variety of dishes to choose from:

The dining room with Pacquiao memorabilia everywhere:

Pacquiao with the owners:

The menu. Note the whole lechon:

Pinoy BBQ shirt signed by Pacquiao:

Even the ceiling is plastered with Pacquiao posters:

2 item combo: adobo and beef caldereta:

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Indy Filipino eateries are a hit or miss, quality & freshness wise. si-longs usually best bargains at mom and pops.

look for GRILL City in Seafood City Centers or Phil House in or near Pacific Island Markets, fresh foods at mouthwatering prices.


Are there any dishes to look for in those two places? With Pinoy they have a lot of choices but it induces decision paralysis.

neither Grill City nor Phil House has food labels on their steam table entrees… not a regular of either to know which entrees are offered daily and which are specials.

noticed Grill CIty has a new take out self serve section, mostly grilled or fried item (fish balls, lumpia, pastries, etc.)

usually look for kare kare (oxtail stew), pork adobo, lechon kawaii(usually overfried), lumpia, avoided noodles since it resembles chow mein.

Grill City pricing is more complicated (seafood cost more) Phil House has less choices but simpler pricing.
i sometimes just order something that looks good…

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2