Pink onion SF mission

small pizza focused spot next to rintaro on 14th off Folsom. “Our pizzas aren’t coal fired and they don’t have an egg on it.” That, on the online menu, got my attention. Actually that’s a lie, my friend told me to come here, so I did. The pizza was good for a casual, friendly, neighborhood spot. Thicker, puffier crust than the talked about town places. Good flavor. But I want to mention the pasta. There’s a small selection of tagliatelle dishes. The pasta is not made in house, it’s imported. I had the pistachio pesto and it was a very simple and satisfying way of dressing pasta, with a scoop of ricotta on top. It was rich and light and fragrant, the pasta perfectly cooked. My favorite pastas are the ones of which people like to say “hmmph I can make that at home.” Well, yes you can but few make it quite as good. This was a very good plate of pasta.

There are Sicilian style pizzas on the menu as well.


That reminds me I need to try the sfincione at a Sicilian place in the South Bay at some point. If you ever had a chance to try that or the other Sicilian items on the menu, please share your experience!