Pink Milk, Sweet Roti and Chiang Mai Coffee at Dek Doi Cafe [Oakland, Piedmont Ave]

Dek Doi Cafe is in soft opening right now, with a tentative menu and a skeleton staff. In additional to the regular bubble tea menu, they have single-source coffee sourced from a co-owner’s sister’s farm in Thailand and some unique Thai desserts and sweets (sweet roti, cold milk with sala syrup).

Co-owner Wawa Maneewan told me that they plan to add more hard-to-find Thai desserts if there’s enough demand for them during the opening months, like, for example, a special version of nom yen with noodle toppings from her hometown, Chiang Mai. Y’all should stop by!

If you want more info, I profiled the cafe below:
Thailand’s Famous Gay Pink Milk Comes to Oakland (

What fascinates me about Dek Doi is how it’s part of an emerging trend here in the Bay: Southeast Asian boba fusion. Berkeley has a new Filipino place that offers buko pandan boba, for example, and Thanh Son Tofu serves their Vietnamese tofu pudding in a tall boba glass, with a boba straw to “drink” it! Anyone know of any other places in the Bay that fuse boba in an unexpected way?


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