Pine & Crane (Silverlake)

Quick trip up to LA and for the first night we tend to take a quick bite at Pine & Crane in Silverlake which doesn’t require a reservation (hard to predict when driving down the I-5), isn’t too far from the hotel and delivers good Taiwanese food. Looking over the photos it looks like we forgot to take a picture of the Dan Dan Noodles. A highlight is often their vegetable of the day from their own farm like today with the Taiwanese cabbage

Beef roll - braised five spice beef shank, cucumber, cilantro, scallions, hoisin

Pork potstickers - Kurobuta pork shoulder and Taiwanese cabbage

Taiwanese sausage - garlic

Three Cup Jidori Chicken - leg and thigh, soy sauce, sesame oil, rice wine, ginger, garlic, Thai basil

Taiwanese Cabbage


Pine & Crane has really gone downhill of late.

What didn’t you like ?

Vegetables were soggy, the smashed cucumbers were soft and flaccid.

The noodles in the Dan Dan Mien were overcooked and mush (not mushy, but mush() sent back and received the same overcooked noodles.

Beef roll was rubbery, as if the scallion crepe/pancake was pan fried in oil that was not hot enough. Beef shank was also undercooked.

Beef noodle soup was too salty, sent back, and it tasted like they dumped out some broth and added liquid. Not a good look.

Breakfast at the DTLA location was no better. Congee was cold, the yiao-tiou (fried crullers) were oily and rubbery, and the skin on the pan fried pork buns were not risen properly, or under proofed. The cold black sesame soy milk, however, was refreshing.

At least on our visit we didn’t encounter these issues.