Pim Techamuanvivit takes over Bangkok's Nahm, splits time with SF's Kin Khao

Not sure what that means for Kin Khao in the long term, but since she’s not in the kitchen much it may not be a large impact, unless she decides to quit.

Where is David Thompson and his head chef Prin Polsuk going next?

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Ouch, I worry more about the fate of Nahm! I really like the cooking of David Thompson, I think he is irreplaceable concerning the knowledge he had in Thai cusine. Pim isn’t a formally trained professional cook and she never owned a restaurant in Thailand, no idea if the cooks at the hotel will easily listen to her order. LOL and the fact that she isn’t all the time there. I think she is a good cook, but it’s a different scale. Good luck.

I’m pretty excited about the new restaurant which Chef Prin Polsuk will be heading. The MahaNakhon Tower already hosts Bangkok’s branches of L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon and Dean & Deluca.

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David Thompson, pretty cryptic about the reason for his leaving Nahm:
“The application of culinary integrity in the kitchen was never to the cost of the joy in doing what we all loved.”


Do you have more information on the new head chef Suraja Ruangnukulkit?

No, except that he was promoted after Prin Polsuk’s departure - meaning he was already part of David Thompson/Prin Polsuk’s kitchen team then.

I saw this!

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Very exciting - definitely visiting it on my next trip to HK.

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