Pikliz International Kitchen, Broadway, Somerville MA

got in the car today to head to Heng Lay and act on a couple of other of the tips I got from @galangatron. Sadly, as I put the info into Google maps, it told me that Heng Lay is closed on Wednesday! Rats. Decided to put that trip off a bit again since that Cambodian place is really the #1 thing I want to try, even given the city’s many other options.

Headed over to Pikliz (another @sunnyday rec) instead, since it’s pretty close by. It’s a nice little storefront right near Leone’s, with a mostly takeout Haitian/Carribean operation though there are a handful of stools along the window. Chose the oxtail combo, which is 15$–comes with a huge portion of rice and beans (I think maybe they have black rice too) and one side. The sides seem like they vary, as I saw mac and cheese mentioned in some online reviews but today there was stewed okra, stir fried cabbage and sweet potatoes.

I went with okra, which was simply done but really tenderly cooked and not at all slimy. The oxtail and sauce was seasoned well with garlic and onion and the portion was not skimpy, big chunks of oxtail that ensure I’ll eat this for lunch tomorrow too. The rice and beans were maybe a bit salty but fine, and the namesake pikliz that you get on the side was really good, chopped up cabbage with chunks of scotch bonnet. That addition really brightens up the whole plate.

The people were really nice and I noticed that they also have a 5$ chicken and rice deal that seems like one for the cheap eats category. There’s some other attractive things on the menu (fritay, curry chicken, goat, etc) and there’s daily specials too. Worth checking out.


Heng Lay is very good. Try the wings. Pikliz looks good, I have to try the Jerk Pork.

Glad you liked it! The chicken and rice and Haitian patties (similar to an empanada/Jamaican patty) is on my list to try as well. The fried goat and fried pork are both good, although the pork comes with a few fatty pieces so buyers beware if you are not into that.

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