Pikaichi, Medford MA

on Sunday morning I scoped out the ramen at the new Medford incarnation of former Allston denizen Pikaichi. They’ve done a nice job with the interior of the place, it’s all bright clean wood and simple, with tables that seat maybe 24 or so in total. It’s a bit of an odd location in a residential neighborhood that happily has ample street parking. Got the spicy miso ramen with a whole egg, and it was solid. The broth they make here is chicken/pork/vegetable so it’s lighter than your usual denser all pork broths. I’ll admit that I prefer the latter style but the soup here was pretty good, with a low level of heat and bouncy chewy noodles that are made with egg. The shrimp oil in this bowl was a nice note, too.

They’re only open 4 days at present (Tues-Wed-Fri-Sat) and there’s no takeout. Business seems brisk–I tried to go the first weekend and there was a line at one o’clock, so this weekend we went right at open at 11:30 and the place was full by 11:40. I imagine they’ll expand hours soon as the demand seems like it’s there.

Service was properly friendly and attentive. The menu is focused, with not much beyond ramen but some small bowls of cha-shu don or curry rice. Overall, it’s not drive-across-town ramen, but for a neighborhood spot in a locale that has very little it’s pretty good. Worth a stop if you happen to be in the area.