Pig Roast 2/6/2016 ...Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse, Milford, NJ

"Roasted whole in our Caja China, the famous Cuban creole above-ground portable roasting pit, this little piggy will be crispy, juicy and delightful. It will be rubbed with dry spices before being roasted slowly all morning, in a Caja China parked in front of our bread oven.

We expect the pig to be done by about noon. We’ll be selling roast pork and gravy sandwiches, or you can buy it by the pound to take home, complete with a side of gravy.

At our previous pig roasts, the pig was picked clean within an hour, so WE URGE YOU to place your order online, to avoid disappointment! "

I have been to the farm, but never one of the pig roasts…Has anyone been to a Boblink pig roast?