Pig in a Pickle [Emeryville]

The moist brisket is to die for! Buttery fat, juicy meat, and crispy and flavorful bark on the outside. I thought it was a new place, but there is a Corte Madera location as well. I got the pulled pork, which was also excellent, but it was the brisket that made my day. In addition to the brisket, I had the collard greens, white cheddar macaroni and cheese, and a hot link. Everything, from sauces to the bread, is made from scratch and was great.

This is in the Emeryville Public Market. After I got my food, I took it to the bar 2 kiosks over and had a beer. It was perfect!

Pig in a Pickle


Nice! I haven’t done Emeryville public market since we went for baby food (actually food to feed a baby) and cotton clothes, when my kids were toddlers. I remember lots of horizontal stripes. *

We have time again!


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Oh, that brisket is a beautiful hunk of well-marbled beef! Yummy looking!

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