Pies stress me!

I bake and bake all the time. For the last 50+ years I have been baking. The most elaborate cake recipes that take all day are not a problem. I love making cakes, cookies, breads etc etc. But pies! Pies just make me very nervous. Have never had a failure and my family thinks all my pies are wonderful. But instead of enjoying the baking process, I stress. Is it because I won’t know if it is good until it is cut and served? I use Kenji’s dough recipe which is very easy to roll out, so I don’t think it is the rolling of the dough. I made 2 apple pies yesterday and used the ‘clear jel’ from King Arthur as sometimes I think flour and cornstarch have a pasty texture. First time trying the clear jel. Usually once you have added sugar and spice to the apples there is some liquid that the apples release but when I looked at the bowl of apples there was no liquid! I really thought the pie would be dry and awful. The pie was so delicious! My husband thought it was the best apple pie ever! Why such stress over pies? I have seen country ladies just literally throw a pie together with some fat, flour, sugar and fruit and they are great but for me it is a task.

Just read this to my h and family …they said take a pill or find a shrink.

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My stresses are steaks and roasts. Thank goodness for thermometers. But if I were you I’d just have another piece of yummy pie.