Pier Village [Long Branch, NJ]

Pier village is reopening up with two new restaurants. Mexican and Kosher.

“They plan to close off parking spaces to expand outdoor dining and retail, creating more space for pedestrians.” As if parking wasn’t an issue in the first place!

PV has NEVER appealed to me. Maybe I’m nuts, but it’s like a mall on the beach. These new spots certainly aren’t changing my mind.


I agree, I don’t go to Pier Village. Parking a huge problem and don’t like any of the McLoone restaurants.


Lost me at “Modern Mexican Concept”, but that’s par for the course for Pier Village and the area.

Glorified $30 tacos, anyone?


I wish more shore towns had boardwalks to stroll.

Since Kushner took over the LB area the development of PierV has a diff vibe. Money was important sure. From ghost town to congestion at any price, color me disappointed.

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