Pie dough master class video

Here’s a link to an outstanding demo, recorded live, in her own kitchen, by master patissierre, Gesine Bullock-Prado. It includes a no-mess method for fraisage, and clever ideas like milking the edge of the pan to prevent shrinkage.

Thanks, I am enjoying the video. I thought I might not be able to see it on FB as I am not a member but it worked fine (often links to fb block me out). I loved the ‘saran wrap smoosh’ and will be using that method in future. She is a pleasure to watch unlike the ‘personalities’ we are offered on tv.

You might enjoy her first memoir/cookbook - it’s mostly the former, very witty. Originally titled Confections of a Master Baker, for the paperback it was renamed My Life from Scratch: A Sweet Journey of Starting Over, One Cake at a Time. I think of her as Mary Roach (Stiff, Bonk, Gulp, et. al.) in an apron. She also has good blogs, one being about her
renovated Vermont farm. I don’t know if it is still in the works, but at one point she was
trying to develop a show for PBS.

I think my brain exploded.

Thanks for the link! Love Gesine and her books. She really knows her stuff and has a matter of fact yet approachable way of demonstrating techniques.

I don’t think I have ever seen so much information presented so well and so quickly. Wow.

Labor Day, at 11am Eastern time, she’s doing a live FB demo on laminated doughs.

She’s been doing live demos every Sunday at 11a.m. EST. Last week was laminated dough pastry, this coming Sunday will be phyllo. But they stay on FB so you can see them any time. Gesine is a born teacher! A few years ago she was trying to develop a lifestyle/cooking/baking show for PBS, but it never happened. Turns out that she’d have had to pay for all the production costs herself; apparently PBS licenses such programs but does not actually make them. Too bad, because these videos are exceedingly informative and enjoyable, but will never reach the viewer numbers PBS gets.