PIE Day!

What’s going into your oven (or your mouth🐷) on Pi day? Blizzarding out while I put together a blueberry/blackberry pie with frozen berries from last summer.


Great idea!

While it’s almost 70 here in Houston today, my local Sprouts has blackberries on sale for $0.88/pint.

Thanks for the plan!

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I made a mushroom phyllo crust pie for dinner. One year we had friends over, who brought appetizer hand pies (empanadas) and followed with a beef and ale pie, with key lime for dessert.

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I actually made my blackberry pie and it was great.

Thanks again for the reminder!

I always use my square baking dish for this day. You know…Pie Are Square…


Yeah but that formula determines the area of a circle.

Pi are round!

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I get so confused… I’m a liberal arts kinda guy. All this math makes my head hurt.