Picnic area suggestions

Mother’s Day is coming up next Sunday. I’m trying to find a nice place to go for a picnic.
It’s for a group of us, Mom (who we will push in a wheelchair), my sister and her three children and me. In the past we’ve gone to the Horsepark of NJ, a couple of the Monmouth County parks.

I’m looking for places in Monmouth County, that would be good to go since we don’t want to do a restaurant trip. We’ll be looking for someplace scenic, where we can spread out our stuff and enjoy the company.

Holmdel Park has wonderful picnic area’s. I would also thing Marine Park in Red Bank would be a beautiful selection as well. Not sure how many picnic area’s they have but it certainly wins the “Best View” category.

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Monmouth Battlefield in Freehold is a good picnic destination and very underutilized for this purpose. Enjoy!!


Holmdel Park would be the first that comes to mind.

Also Sandy Hook. If you drive down to Fort Hancock, right after the missile, there is a crop of large picnic tables with an overhang. There are even some grills there. I believe it is accessible with a wheelchair.


How about Deep Cut in Middletown? You may want to call about where exactly the picnic tables are located but this is my favorite park in Monmouth County.


Thompson Park in Monroe Township is popular for picnics. Close enough to Monmouth County to qualify I would think.