Pickling spice

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In 5 days, crunchy sours. I need to adjust spices next time but I nailed the amt of vinegar.

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I get requests for pickled onions from Brits living here in the US. I’m game to make them but malt vinegar is very difficult to find in bulk here.


This is what we buy.

Thanks but I need it by the gallon.


I made Tempura fish so malt vinegar was on my mind.

Did you make fermented pickles with vinegar?

Not sure what you are asking.

The kind of pickles I make are soured by fermenting the cucumbers in a salt brine and don’t use any vinegar at all. I wondered whether your method involved both a salt brine AND vinegar.

Ah, ok. I heated up white vinegar, put the spice blend, garlic and red onions in a jar, added the cukes, then the vinegar and chilled it for a few days. Then transferred to a plastic container.

Next time I will add more bay leaves and adjust the spices.

Eta: salt was added to the vinegar.

Got it. I wonder if your need for spice adjustment is due to the pickling spice mix being more for fermented pickles than vinegar pickles.

…or my lack of experience!

Or just random stuff. I feel like I do the exact same thing every time I make pickles, and sometimes they just…don’t work.

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Vinegar will halt fermentation. We have a guy we buy all or almost all of our spices from. We generally buy pickling spice 10# at a time. It’s pretty good but I find pickling spice is a matter of individual taste preference. I usually add additional bay leaves to the spice we buy.

That’s why I leave it to the pros. Me, I like a tangy cuke that I can enjoy with a meal easy peasy. Simple, low key just for me and my tribe is what we typically do. This ‘pickle’ was about the same as when I pickled red onions and we jammed out on batches all summer.

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