Pickled Okra in the East Bay?

Inspired by Libby Jane’s but no time to come to city just for that. Any other pickled vegetable purveyors in Berkeley, Oakland, Albany, El Cerrito?

How about the Cultured Pickle Shop in Berkeley?


Thanks. I live less than a mile from there but never heard of it. That work for the next dinner invite.

Brined okra available in Oakland through Phat Beets Youth Pickle Co.-

Oakland-based nonprofit Phat Beets distributes several varieties of pickled vegetables from produce grown on local urban farms. It’s a CSA program run by Oakland youth. According to the PhatBeets website, last October they had brined okra and

Ginger BeetDown Kraut, KimChi Kraut, Daikon n’ Radish KimChi, Classic Mustard Seed Kraut, Curtido spicy Kraut, Hellapeno Taqueria Mix (pickled carrots and jalapenos), brined okra, Kale Yeah! Kraut, Dilly Beans (brined spicy green beans, Half Sour Dill Pickles, Cultured Mustard


Canning is done at Kitchener facilities in Uptown Oakland.

You can pick them up at Temescal Market, Children’s Hospital, Destiny Arts Center, Impact Hub, Berkeley Bowl West and various Farmers Markets.

You can preorder online at

PhatBeets twitter is at


Recent article from Berkeleyside Nosh:

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