Pickle Pie at Tigerella in DC

Foggy Bottom’s 2000 Pennsylvania Ave is now called Western Market, and the lobby has been turned into a food hall with a variety of interesting restaurants and food stalls. Some have their own seating and some rely on communal seating. There is a place for Burmese bowls (Bandoola), Guatemalan sandwiches (Nim Ali), Indian, Japanese, fried chicken. Italian subs, arepas, lobster rolls, French baked goods, cookies, and more.

Tigerella is a new Italian restaurant, and my attention went immediately to the pickle pie, listed under personal pan pizza. What came out was visually stunning, had great texture, powerful flavor, strong aroma, and is one of the best things I’ve eaten in a long time. A true HO delight.

Don’t expect a traditional pizza. It is a tall, airy bread with black crusty sides (like a Chicago deep dish pizza when they cook it with the cheese draped over the sides). The topping is a garlic cream and then pickled vegetable with enough vinegar aroma to knock you over, plus some sweetness as well. It is a dazzler.

The result is airy, chewy, crispy, and pungent. I will be thinking about this for a long time.


That sounds delicious

Dude! Where’s the PICS?

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Tigerella is run by the same people who run Elle in Mt. Pleasant, so no surprise at the quality.

There’s a picture of it on their Instagram. :pizza:


That’s an ok photo, but it looks even better in real life.

Ah, that makes sense. The bread part of the pizza is superb.

Wow. That sounds amazing!

I’m interested, but not sure. Steve, we ought to get together for a taste

I am all about getting together! They also have a serious looking Philly-style roast pork sandwich. I am still chasing after a great one since the early days of Taylor Gourment.

That and the soba noodles in cold broth at Sushi Taro are my two favorite things right now. I might even put together my own food crawl!

Have you tried the Russoniello at GRAZIE GRAZIE or the Philly Special at BUB AND POPS?

Yes, I have tried both. Grazie Grazie was not as good as the original Pattyson Ave at Taylor Gourmet, which went downhill well before it was taken off the menu completely. I realize it’s the same guy who started Taylor Gourmet.

Bub and Pop’s I liked a lot, but it was a long time ago and so far haven’t been back.


Bun and Pop’s was very good last time I went - pre-covid

Steve. Johntannerlaw@gmail.com

If y’all do get together, can I tag along?


Of course! Will send an email.