Pickering to Whitby ( Yorkshire Road trip )

Easter trip to Yorkshireville on the cards.
Staying in the wilds 10 mins north of Pickering but with Whitby in our sights for a ‘bracing’ day out.
All tips in those parts welcome, be they great pub, chichi small plates, Michelin class or just the best fish and chips in ( or near ) Whitby.
Thanks in advance.

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I don’t have any restaurant recs.

I liked a bakery in Pickering, on a particularly cute block of stores in the centre of town. I will try but I find it on a map. Small-town bakery with regional baked goods.
It was probably Russell’s. I realize if you live int England, the tea rooms and bakeries might not be as much of a treat as they are for a traveller from Canada.

Fab, thanks. P is our nearest town so will try to check it out. It will have to go some to beat the scone hopefully pictured below!


I realize Harome is west of Pickering, and not in the direction of Whitby. I’ll add this since it looks good to me, for another day.

Chef Stephen Smith appears to be cooking at the Pheasant Hotel right now, since the Star Inn at Harome has not been rebuilt as of yet .




I know I would have had lunch, or coffee or cake in Whitby, but it was in 2016, and I am blanking on where we stopped, which is not like me, at all!

Brill, thank you. Have already had one posh dinner on this trip but if we consider another, this is now on the list !

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For some reason, this thread never appeared as a new one for me, so I’ve only just stumbled across it. We had a week in Pickering last year and I posted reviews of all the restaurants. I know it’s too late for your trip, mate, but here’s the list in case you’re there again

Black Swan, Oldstead (once voted Tripadvisor’s “world best”)
Crown & Cushion, Welburn (rock solid dining pub)
Magpie, Whitby (the best know chippy and for good reason)
Star, Harome (return visit, disappoiting. currently closed due to major fire)
Talbot, Malton (good hotel restaurant open to the public)
White Swan, Pickering (decent enough)
Willowgate Bistro, Pickering (small town bistro - nuff said)

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Belated thanks, John
Off for my first visit to The French ( wot, no star ? :slight_smile: ) tonight…

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Enjoy, mate