[Pickering, North Yorkshire] Spice4U

We hadn’t planned to eat here. In fact, we’d started off driving to Malton but the weather was so vile, with very large puddles causing the car to aquaplane that we gave up on the idea and came back to where we were staying. Fortunately this bog standard curry house was literally opposite so Plan B was an easy decision.

We shared a starter platter – onion bhaji, vegetable samosa, aubergine and mushroom each battered and fried. They were moistened by an indeterminate yoghurt based sauce which didn’t really taste of much – nor looked very good – a muddy red.

For one main, there was what the menu described as a deshi (desi?) lamb dish. Tender meat in afairly clingy, fairly mild sauce. What made it was the topping of lots of crisply fried onion. The other plate was “Gujararti Sabzi” – mixed vegetables cooked down to something of a mush in another clingy sauce. , this time with more of a chili kick. We shared pilau rice and garlic naan as carbs. It was all fine – just as you’d expect from a high street curry house.