Piantedosi Outlet, Malden,a note about Golden Garden Malden and Godavari Woburn

Headed out to Malden on Saturday. Went to the Piantedosi Outlet for some bread, which was fun. I dunno just how great the bread is as I haven’t dug into it yet, but this place is cool–lots of bread options and you get to buy them in a space that smells great (well, duh, they’re baking bread. even the Wonder Bread factory in Natick when I was a kid smelled great) and where the sub rolls are rolling through the factory lines over your head. Scali bread etc looks at least reasonably promising. Fresh at least.

The idea after this was to try out the breakfast options at the new outpost ofGolden Garden in Malden. But: be warned! Though both the menu and the door sign say that they serve breakfast 10 to 3, they were locked up tight as a drum at 10: 15 Am. Not sure what’s up with that. Will try to scope this out later at another time to report back, I think the menu looks really good.

Had to drown my sorrow at Hmart with a kimchi croquette bun thing from Tous le Jours, which was pretty good. After shopping here and the Market Basket (side note: the liquor store in this plaza is also really high quality, Burlington Wine & Spirits. Great selection + well priced, lovely owners). After that, we headed for the buffet lunch at the South Indian franchise place Godavari in Woburn.

Pretty impressed here. The place was JAMMED at 1 pm Sat. Food at the buffet was really good, lots of options and everything I tried was really well spiced and flavorful. Good goat curry, juicy chicken dishes, some great rice and veg. dishes, really amazing soya chili. That was probably the thing I liked best, it had a really nice texture and was good and spicy. Breads are OK, maybe not a strong point. In general I loved the food, and while it was a little chaotic in there on a Saturday lunch time it was all handled great by the staff and I’d love to go back for a dinner sometime and order off the menu.

Overall, I have loved my trips to Burlington/Woburn for Indian food of late. Happy that there’s some stuff out there these days that isn’t just the standard sort of Indian fare via Punjab. I’m a lot less schooled in the varying cuisines of India than I am from a lot of other places, so it’s great to have a Southern Indian place around. Also I eally need to check out that Indian bakery in Woburn, the one that is near Gene’s–if anyone has been there, please let me know what’s good!


About breakfast at Golden Garden, I’ve heard reports that they’re still working out early kinks there, and the owner was or possibly still is on a long trip and difficult to contact. The same person said the kinks were specifically regarding breakfast, which is puzzling as the menu is not that dissimilar.

Good to know the Woburn Godavari is still good even with them expanding so rapidly!

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Don’t miss the lunch buffet at Zaika, also on Main Street.

yeah, this is right near the bakery I want to check out so I’ll do that someday. Have to fight the magnetic pull of Gene’s Flatbread though!

I like the buffet at Godavari better than Zaika, but the Naan at Zaika is the best around!

If you love samosa like I do, walk up the small street between CVS & DD’s a half block to the Indian market on the left and get a few to take home. They sell them homemade at the front of the store for $1 each. I take them home and nuke them, one at a time for 20 seconds each. Yummy.

If you like Pho, there is Cilantro (but only open for dinner), or a quick drive north on Main Street, you will find Pho1 across from the Fire Station.

The Indian bakery is not a favorite stop for me, I much prefer to satisfy my sweet cravings at Tuda Na Brasa, a couple of doors down from Hot Breads. They have a case full of cakes and assorted Brazilian sweets!

great tips, thank you!