Pianovins (11e, Paris)

Pianovins has been installed in a tiny space originally occupied by Rino, The new/current cadre, chef, FOH, are in the business of pleasing people. The food is excellent, product and handling, beautifully plated and delicious. And service, well, come here if you want to be cosseted. Welcome and continued attention is extraordinary. And Victoire, our server, was a treat. This is a small space that could feel cramped but doesn’t. Clients are often mostly French. There is a happy buzz but civilized, so conversation and communication with staff is comfortable. No choice menu is aimed to please and similarly priced at about or under €50 per person at night, This place came well recommended by trusted friends and well lived up to their praise, Definitely a keeperl and certainly place to go if you want to feel welcome


Read your comment on Paris Update, concerning the wine problem on the review. I don’t know the situation, so no comment on that. Normally when a bottle is offered, it is explicitly indicated.

But I have somehow a similar experience. We were invited to a new bar opened by my client’s friend. I worked freelance lance with the client for years, so we were kind of friends. That night my client helped out in serving drinks. Mr n and me, we both ordered mojito. Some food were brought to us. Whenever a glass was finished, a new glass would be there instantly without asking. This was done 2 times. At one point, I just told him to stop serving us more drinks. When we wanted to leave, a bill was presented with 6 drinks, food was free. For me this was a surprise, I would have ordered different drinks than the same if I need to pay for them. We had a good laugh that we have “forgotten” my client was an excellent salesman.

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