Pi day 2021!

Who’s making pies today besides me?
My cherry filling cooling on the porch, lattice top rolled and ready.


All done!


Pi r round. :slight_smile:

(Obviously your pi r not squared - though the lattice DOES make it sort of squared too!) :slight_smile:

Beautiful work!


B’ eautiful. I missed the opp to shop/bake one this time so I’m enjoying your enthusiasm to celebrate. Looks so delicious.

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I posted this elsewhere too. I had the ingredients on hand, so I went with pumpkin pie to celebrate! It was really tasty and enjoyed by everyone who had a slice. (I may have held back a slice or two for myself for later!)


Me, a pi? Let’s not be irrational.

Delicious! We enjoy pumpkin pie year round.

We made a Dark Chocolate Oreo (yes, they exist and are fabulous) cookie crust with homemade chocolate pudding served with whipped cream. Decadent & delicious!

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Ooooh, that sounds like a chocolate lover’s dream!