[Phu Quoc Island] Restaurant Cami

Our last dinner at Phu Quoc, we found a quiet place not too far from our hotel.

Goi cuon - spring rolls with pork and shrimps, of course with peanut sauce

Canh chua ca - sweet sour fish and vegetables soup

Morning glory

Vit nuong Cami - Grilled duck breast with Phu Quoc pepper sauce

huon her neon sot chanh day - grilled pork ribs with passion fruit sauce


The meal with 2 beer costed 571,000, 25 USD. The meal was refined, the spring rolls and fish soup was better compared to the same dish we had tasted as street food. Personally I think the duck and the pork ribs were westerned, but well cooked. Nice place we could dine outdoor.

Cami restaurant
Cua Lap Hamlet, Duong To Village,
Phu Quoc,


Goi cuon looks delicious.

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Our last 2 recent trips, most of the Goi cuon we have tasted were good at street food level or more refined when ordered in restaurants. Contrasted to our first trip, we found the rice paper used where too thick and overwhelming in all the Goi cuon we came across, of course shrimps were smaller too.

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So, standards are improving - as the dining scene becomes more competitive.

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