Phthalates in olive oil

B sent this to me. I haven’t had a chance to read the article yet, but he saw that California Olive Ranch 100% California-sourced, which we use, is highest in phthalates.



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Thanks for providing. It’s a long slog but I’ve skimmed most of it. RE the COR 100% California, note it was listed first in the specific results but was not the highest in phthalates.

For some reason, they went alphabetically by name instead of most-to-least or vice versa, which would have made more sense to me.

Anyway, COR was in the middle at 2600 ppb, Cobram’s had the highest at 6100 ppb, and Filippo Berio and Bragg at the bottom with about 560 and 660, resp. I recited both of the lower two because I don’t know how much different they really are, at that scale.

I don’t know Bragg’s, but I do use Berio for large-dose needs and when frying hot enough that the flavor of a more expensive oil would be mostly lost anyway. Then I use the COR 100% California for smaller dose and room temp stuff like dressings and dipping.

The results of my particular combination are surprising is because the Berio is sold in plastic bottles, vs. COR in glass.

Also @mts

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It probably depends on how the bulk oil was produced and stored before bottling.


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the citations provide no information on '“why the heck is this so fatal?”

olives, being squeezed / pressed in some device that contains plastics makes them a health threat?
reallly? anyone want to explain that?

olive oils packages in plastic jugs . . . oh - yeah, there’s a source . . . .
Berilo recently abandoned metal cans - “light proof, 100% oxygen barrier…”
sent email asking, no reply. not a happy consumer

Post deleted. Didn’t see the link.

Phthalates are known to be endocrine disruptors which are critical messengers in the overall hormone system

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Clearly my husband was in a rush…he was 1 foot out the door this morning when we “discussed” the article. It’s small relief.

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Trust me, after slogging through that write-up, I don’t blame anyone for confusion. It could have been much more clearly written.