Photos of Houston Meet Up - Ocean Palace September 30, 2017

We were 9 including Dorothy Huang, who has been teaching and writing cook books for over 40 years. When I told my 80 year old mother about it, she said she has one of Huang’s books and attended one of her classes long ago. It was bunches of fun. After lunch, we meandered through Hong Kong grocery store.

Here’s some photos:



The restaurant is located at the corner of Bellaire and Boone Road, in the Hong-Kong City Mall. It is vast. ^^


A pond of lotus leaves flanks the walkway that spans the moat from the street to the door. ^^


We were provided with an English language menu of most of the dim sum items, you will not be! ^


Sticky rice with meat in lotus leaf - don’t eat the leaf!! ^^


Deep fried pork puff, one of my favs.


Roast duck, off menu ^^



Soy noodles and Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce, both from the steam table (top), Congee, porridge with pork & egg (bottom) - probably best if you are sick with flu ^^


Steamtable pics ^^ more Chinese broccoli, those front center (bottom pic) are eggs we did not try.


I did want to try the chicken feet and these with a BBQ sauce were good. Now I can say I’ve had them.


Hong Kong grocery photos. Live Blue Crabs on sale for $2.99 lb, pick your own. Green vegetables as far as the eye can see. ^^

We had lots of other selections that I did not snap, lots of dumplings, BBQ pork bun (the Chinese Hamburger loved by children), a couple of desserts. Good time!


I have a friend who always sends his wife out to pick this up for him when he’s sick. And he wants it served in bed for Father’s Day.

Glad you all had a good time. One of us, or a group of us, should do a photo tour of Hong Kong City Mall.


I love Ocean Palace but haven’t been in a few years. We started going to Fung’s a few years ago.

Did you order from that menu or did they have the carts rolling around?

I almost always concentrated on dumplings and various fried things.

Do they have other live seafood specific to the gulf?

They had the carts rolling around. But also think Dorothy might have ordered one or two extra things. I’m not sure - I was on the other side of the table & it was loud. For the most part, though, when the carts came, she pointed out stuff and we talked about this and that and decided. My son is back with his Chinese girlfriend, Maria, and they came, too, so Dorothy asked her if there was any particular thing she’d like to order. It was a really perfect time!

And thanks, Lambs, for the nice report and all the photos!

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No live seafood. On the steam table there were clams and mussels.