Phoenicia Market and Arpi's Deli [Far West Houston, Texas]

As I had previously reported on that other site that no one goes to any more because of the ham-fisted redesign and Torquemada-like moderation, (, I have been going to Phoenicia Market since it was a small den-like space across the street from its current location on Westheimer between Kirkwood and Dairy Ashford. It’s about five minutes from me and when I discovered it, it was like whole other world. It had so many exotic, unusual and, (to me) utterly unknown items that I sometimes would go there just to wander through the aisles packed floor to ceiling with goodies.’

It’s where I discovered ghee, and sumac, and Turkish pistachios and even Manchego cheese.

I still hit it at least once or twice a month for feta, herbs and spices, Zergut products, fresh pita, feta, olive oil, sun dried tomatoes,…

What’s that? I said “feta” twice?

I like feta and they have twenty or so varieties to choose from. I frequently take out of town visitors there including our own DimSumGirl and her pal Cynsa. It’s a must see. And don’t forget they have a downtown store now as well though I’ve never been there.

Right around the corner from the Market is Arpi’s Deli, (same owners) serving a variety of schwarma and other delicacies cafeteria style. Really good stuff.

If you live anywhere near Houston, (or even an airport with service to Houston), and you like to cook or eat, you need to get over there and check it out.

There’s nothing else quite like it.

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The Sam’s Club of spices! I was there just yesterday. And i bought some feta. I was scouting out possible things to take to a big SB party this Sunday. I’ve been asked to bring some ‘exotic ethnic treats’ since I’m known as one who explores those kinds of cuisines and places. I’ll probably be back on Sat or Sun to pick up a few items.

Always a fascinating trip. It’s where I first encountered muhammara. I always spend time drooling over the cases of their in-house produced goodies and wind up picking up 2 or 3. I love the ‘Russian Potato Salad.’

I’ve only stopped at the in-house deli once and been to Arpi’s only once. I always want to rush home and start sampling everything i bought.

My latest find - Makiz Lebanese Hot Sauce made in Lafayette, Leb… uh, Louisiana. Ingredients - tomato puree, ground red pepper, crushed red pepper, sugar, granulated garlic, salt, oregano and thyme. No vinegar. It goes really well with eggs. Must be refrigerated. I’ve seen the bbq sauce but not the seasonings or salad dressings, but I haven’t looked for them. Never very much in stock and one time when I looked for it, there was none at all.

All I can add to Doobie’s rec is, wear comfortable shoes – you’re going to be there for a while, inching along the aisles, checking out many products you’ve never seen before. Don’t need much money, though. Prices are very reasonable.

Turns out, you were one of many who were tossed from the playground by the Torquemada. An here I thought you were special. RIP Chowhound

Oh I’m still special.

Ask my mama.