PHODown Vietnam Bistro Howell [NJ] Feb 9

Where is it, @joonjoon ??

@CurlzNJ You mean Pho Da Nang? It’s in Sayreville on Rt 9.

@MsBean Pho Da Nang has a huge menu you won’t see at most places, well worth checking out. I can’t remember what it’s called on the menu but they have a tabletop cooked beef dish presented similar to Korean BBQ that is absolutely delicious. Think of Korean BBQ lettuce wraps but with more herbs and Vietnamese flavors.

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I am also fan of Pho da nang
very consistent decent product. Try their Banh mi …pretty decent pick up for when your on the go.
Fresher and tastier than a fast food joint.


Michelle and I are officially in


Mark and I are in. Also, Pho Da Nang is our usual Vietnamese restaurant; we probably go once a month. Mark goes for the #18 (pho with grilled pork) and I get the #20A (wonton soup with yellow noodles). In the summertime I get the #21 (shrimp summer roll).

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Looks like so far we have at least 8 people. The good news is that for this gathering at least, we don’t have to reserve a table in advance! :grin:

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Pretty sure I can make it. I’ll try and bring friends.


Is this still on? If so, do we have a time?

Seal said noon in his original post. I’m assuming we’re still on; why wouldn’t we be?

Thanks, Evelyn. I must have missed the noon. I asked as a lot can happen in 19 days.

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We are going this Sunday, Feb 9th at noon. But you’re right, a lot can happen, so just so I can give them a heads up, let’s get a head count.

I’m in for two people.

I’m in.

I’m in too!

I’m in! (2)

I’m in!

We’re both in.

I’m bringing a friend.

I really wish I could go. I’m looking forward to your report, and lotsa pictures!


I’m sorry I have to miss this! Got plans with my mum :slight_smile: Please enjoy!!

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Also have a conflict on Sunday, but made a recent visit. For those looking for something aside from the really nice pho, try the C7 - pork chop, shredded pork skin and shrimp. And if you have an appetite, add a second pork chop for $5. Enjoy!

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