Pho Viet new location at 15th /U

Couple of days ago, I tried the new pho Viet location at 1500 U Street, which used to be a bakery. The layout is really weird with not a lot of seating and some of it is practically up against a commercial fridge. We sat down as two people and were asked to move because a table of four came in and there was nowhere to put them other than where we were or where the fridge was, and we just moved to where the fridge was. Definitely tight seating. The employee was very nice.

There’s only one size, which is very large and as a deal you can add $5 and get a summer roll and a spring roll. The summer rolls have various filling options and I got 2 since I can’t eat this spring rolls. I went with the shrimp and the pork. The filling on the pork was really good/flavorful and could have been sausage or something else with ground pork.

The wrappers were a little chewy but okay. I didn’t love their peanut sauce as it was sweeter than I’m used to and somehow not as peanutty as others that I’ve had. Also I’m used to them giving you slices of lime with summer rolls which they did not.

The pho goo, including the broth, so I would probably get the pho again if I was nearby. I am used to them getting more fixings, and I would expect it for such a big bowl of soup but it was still good. The beef was actually very good. So, between the beef and the broth, it’s a good soup. The rice noodle texture was a little different, and kind of seemed like maybe they were fresh rice noodles.


Thanks for the write up. I’ve never been to any of the Pho Viet. Which pho did you order?

Looks like eye round (menu says steak). I’m hearing the one Pho Viet location that is not Pho Viet USA (like this one was) is a different group and better.