Pho Viet Express - Toms River

Shill away! Gonna have to take a ride…

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Ho Ho pho, green giant !

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We had the exact same meal couple of Saturdays ago. Only we also had the Four Season Roll appetizer (the summer roll was our favorite) and the Rice with Grilled Pork Chop as well. Mr. Bean loved the grilled dish. Thinly cut pork chop, marinated and grilled with a bit of char. I thought the Pho was very good. I’ve had some with muddy flavors but this one was clean and flavorful.

We’re looking forward to going again. I saw one of the clay pots and it’s next on my list to try.


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@MsBean - I’m so happy that you enjoyed your meal. I’ve been eyeing those clay pots myself and will let you know if I try one before you do.

@bgut We’d been to the previous restaurant in that location several times as we felt is was one of the better in the area. I think the new place is better.

I know many people like the place on Route 9 in Howell but Mr. Bean did not care for the service the one time were there. Have you been there? Any thoughts?


Sorry @MsBean. I haven’t tried Vietnam Bistro and can’t offer any insights.

@bgut I may just have to drag Mr. Bean there try Viet Nam Bistro again. He is one to hold grudges and so one not great experience will keep him from ever giving a place a second chance.

Here you go @VikingKaj. I finally got around to trying the summer rolls and they did not disappoint.


I was in Beachwood a couple weeks ago on a Sunday night for my kid’s soccer game. On the recommendation of this thread, we went to this place afterwards. It was around 6 and it the place was full. We waited around 20 minutes for the table.
The service was pretty slow but I guess it is kind of normal for Vietnamese place since most of time the waiter/waitress are sons/daughters of the owner and not professional.

Anyway, the pho, pork chop rice, and appetizers are great!! Will definitely return if I am ever in the area again.

@ycf04 I agree with you about the slow service; it’s probably the only complaint I have about my experiences there… however, it seems that is par for the course for any weekend evening.

Generally speaking, the food at Pho Viet is delicious, and I think the quality is equal to that at Vietnam Bistro. I’ll still make the drive up to Howell on occasion because the servers and owner are very sweet and attentive, but when I need a quick bite, Pho Viet is my new go-to.

@ycf04 and @_gossamer - It is interesting that you both bring up the wait and the service issues. When I was there the other day, I inquired of the owner about how things were going. Apparently the word has gotten out about the place as they have been packed for dinner on weekends with supposedly lines going out the door. I would think that such early success was unexpected and service has apparently taken a hit. For me, I only go for lunch during the week and have never experienced such crowds or service issues (though the other day the restaurant was fuller than normal). I am really happy for this place. They are clearly a mom and pop operation and I am hopeful the community will continue to support a local business that serves really good food.

In other words you ruined it for everyone else!!! Nice job bgut1!!! (joke)

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How refreshing to read this compared to the fromogarie and what’s your beef threads currently going on.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold