" PHO TIME authentic Vietnamese eatery " - A 'Vietnamese' new-kid-on-the-block in Richmond Hill/Markham

After a protracted wait of almost 4 years, coupled with 4 airline ticket postponements/cancellation, my wife will finally be heading back to Hong Kong to visit her mother next Friday!!

Latest Covid related restrictions issued by the Hong Kong government require all arrival visitors to produce a negative PCR test, taken 48 hours prior to departure before allowing one to board the plane.

To minimise the chance of catching Covid before her departure, she is playing it ultra-safe by imposing a voluntary self, home-lock-down for the next few days. Sadly, the repercussions also mean, I too have to adapt to her action, by minimising my venturing out…especially for food!

As such, rather than joining my kids for dinner in Scarborough tonight, I have to order my dinner from Uber-Eat instead! Based on my son’s recommendation, I decided to give a new ’ Vietnamese ’ kid-on-the-block ’ - " PHO TIME Authentic Vietnamese Eatery " a try. Their location is directly next to T&T on Woodbine and 16th Ave., After given them a few tries, my son & wife both

proclaimed it to be amongst the best Vietnamese Pho restaurant in the area…and we have quite a few, including Pho Tai Bac, Little Saigon, Nam, Q1 Le Pho, The Pho Restaurant…to name a few!

I ordered a large ’ Beef Brisket Pho in Tomato Broth ', extra portion of fatty flank brisket, an order of Vietnamese Spring Roll and a Vietnamese iced condensed milk coffee!

Overall, portions were huge, the taste and construction very authentic, the broth tasty, dense and complex. A place definitely worthy of a re-visit in person!