“ PHO LE, Golden Court Plaza, Hwy#7, Richmond Hill “ - Offshoot of a Ho-Chi-Minh City, Michelin Bib-Gourmand Restaurant!

This evening, braving torrential rain, we accidentally stumbled upon this Vietnamese Restaurant on our way to find something good to eat along the Highway#7 stretch.

Upon settling down at our table, we were surprised by the small and compact menu handed to us by our friendly lady server. But, that was not all. The real surprise came when we noticed, printed on the menu cover, an official Michelin Guide ‘Macaroon’ logo!!..Apparently, this outfit is an official offshoot of a Ho-Chi-Minh City, Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand restaurant, established in 1970!! Faced with this revelation, we all wondered……Are we in for a treat?!

Our party of four ordered the following:

  • Combos of Pho with Rare Beef & Brisket paired with Fried Fish
    Sauce Chicken Wings
  • Tom Yum Soup noodle with Beef
  • Laksa with Seafood
  • Salad of green Mangoes and Papaya with Shrimp

One taste of the Pho broth and we knew immediately we had unexpectedly descended upon one of the best, if not THE best Vietnamese Pho eatery in town. Incorporating the delicate and sweet nuances of Pho Tai Bac’s broth coupled with the dense, complex and meatiness of Pho Metro’s rendition, Pho Le’s managed to conceive a creation that combined the best of both of these GTA’s favorites! This was hands-down one great tasting broth! Both the Tom Yum and Laksa exhibited equally delectable characteristics. The soup base exudes some pleasant, yet unfamiliar spice and herbal components. The protein components of the Pho were nicely executed and presented. The rare beef was kept rare upon arrival at the table, the briskets flavorful and tender. Both Chicken wings and Salad side dishes were also nicely seasoned and dressed.

Service was most attentive and friendly!

More than satisfied with our overall dining experience, we are already planning for our next visit!

Lastly, as an aside.
To all the nay-sayers, self-proclaimed foodies that post on other food blogs (…especially the one that begins with ‘Y’ ). I would like to suggest that they do some ‘ home-work ‘ before giving this establishment a thumbs-down rating with particular reference to the Michelin guide! It is useful for them to realize that, recognition and awards to establishments by Michelin are based solely on food and cuisine only. The decoration, service and comfort levels have no bearing on the award. As such, to praise the food and then followed up with criticism that this place did not meet Michelin guide standards, based solely on the lack of attentive service, the result of a packed house, was neither fair nor justifiable!