pho 99 Eatontown

joon joon, from my other Asian friend - email today
“Front windows have frosted glass with etchings of name “Pho 99”. Any day now!”
I have many Asian Friends …

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From the July 2016 Eatontown records -
Resolution #2016-07-01, Approving the Application of PHO 99 Vietnamese Restaurant, 53 Highway 36 West, Block 2304, Lot62

never thought this day would come!!!

Well unless there is another sewer holdup (which is what apparently was the issue), it would seem we will be slurping pho, before the Mets win another WS …

It’s been over two years I believe lol

Thanks for the updates!

Well on my way home tonight, I swung by Pho99 and sure enough - unless another inspection is fluxed, it looks like days or weeks away. I saw the lighting, flat screen TV on the wall, lights around the windows, etc. It almost seems to fancy for a Pho place - hope the taste is as good as the aesthetics. Could be open even before the Mets lose their first spring training game :slight_smile:

I just drive by. They definitely did it up with the lights around the windows. I guess they need to draw attention to the fact they they are finally opening after 2 years :smile:

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Did this place actually open?

Anybody been?

Is it pho good?

To my knowledge it still hasn’t opened.

This may be a dumb question, but how does a small place like this pay rent each month for over two years without earning a nickel?

Drove by it yesterday, the open sign in the window was not on and that was about 1230 or so

I would have to believe there was some zoning / occupancy issue with the landlord that held this up. I believe this is the only food establishment in that strip mall so I would bet dollars to donuts there was something to do with the fire suppression system, fire walls, insulation etc. of the building that was not up to code for a restaurant. That would be my guess.

What the hell is taking so long?!? Don’t they know we’re waiting???

There was an issue with the sewer - I thought I had posted that.

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Had a horrible lunch at Viet Cafe (rt 27 Edison today). From my Yelp review
“Had lunch today with my better half. They charged $3.00 for a pot of tea (first insult). Service was horrible as requested water never arrived. The overpriced shrimp summer rolls were not tight and were too moist. My sate seafood pho was expensive and no taste except for the spice. My wifes tofu with curry noodles and veggies had no taste and the veggies consisted of bean sprouts. Feh.”
We ate there because the Korean/Chinese place in same strip mall is closed on Tuesdays :frowning: and I didn not know that. Should have just gone down the road to Coco (again), but was there last Thursday …
Hoping the Eatonton Pho at least has good summer rolls.

This is good news, I was once told by a friend to pho-get about this place ever opening :grin:


Friends ? Just soles passing in the ether …

So far it’s a phno show!


Eeuuwww !!!

to quote (@NotJrvedivici)

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My money is on American Dream opening before this place

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