[Phnom Penh] Romdeng

Our first dinner in Phnom Penh. Romdeng is a training school for street children to learn a trade.

Coconut milk and lime shake - refreshing for a hot day!

Crispy sticky rice cakes stuffed with peanuts, black mushrooms and yellow beans served with palm wine galangal dip

Khmer snack platter: grilled buffalo jerky, crunchy crickets, creamy silk worms and pickles

No comment on this dish - it was too hard core for me. Mr naf said it was not bad, actually insects were mostly crunchy, crickets were the best.

Soft shell crab and green mango and pickled ginger salad with tamarind chili dressing

Marum’s stir fried red tree ant with beef filet and holy basil

This was the only insect dish that I could eat. I didn’t feel much taste with the ants. I suspect you can do away with it.

Cashew nut and crusted bananas fritters with Pina colada gelato

Crepe with pineapple, rum caramel and pandan ice cream

$45,25 USD for both of us. On the whole, we were find this place satisfactory. Each dish was prepared with multiple layers of flavours and good ingredients. The food was leaning to fine dining, service was causal.

Well preserved elegant colonial house.

74 Oknha Ket St. (174)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia


The problem I have with this sort of insect dish, what happens if an “outsider” fly or ant crawled into the dish, and we’re none the wiser? :rofl:

I also ate at Romdeng while in Phom Penh.

Given the humidity in SE Asia I’d been dreaming about an Aperol spritz. This passion fruit version was very refreshing.

Khmer muslim, beef cheek curry with potato hash was a very good dish, tender meat with a rich sauce.

Pork belly for the missus.


I also went to their sister restaurant, Khaiphaen in Luang Prabang. I thought the food was a bit better here and the service was definitely slicker.


Maybe even better, they are WILD, not farm.

Hmmm from your last photo, weird that there was sauce at the side of the dish. At times, it showed that it was still a training school…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Free range, baby. Double the price!!