[Phnom Penh] 54 Langeach Sros - beer garden

When we travel, we try to find authentic place that local goes. This local beer garden is recommended in several sites for food and atmosphere. In fact it was karaoke place. I was a bit surprised that it was actually a family place, children celebrating birthdays, kids running around, but with girls trying to sell beers.

Grilled seafood with beef

A girl came and lit up a portable stove and cooked before us.

I have to admitted, this dish had no interest. First, not much ingredients, and taste was blank. The girl didn’t turn the heat hot enough to stir fry, instead she was like boiling the food.

Grilled pork ribs - famous dish, it took at least 40 minutes to arrive. From our table, we could see the kitchen, I saw mostly people cleaning, nobody cooking, so I had a hard time understand why the dish took so long to arrive. The ribs was alright, nothing exceptional to rave about.

Beef Lok Lak

I must say food wise, it was pretty disappointing with all the recommendations I read. Service was super slow, I guess this was on purpose so you could order more drinks. Food wasn’t special or well cooked. Dishes were small. The only positive thing was the atmosphere, which was quite fun. Go for drinks but not for food.

Their menu was entertaining to read.

54 Langeach Sros
15A St. 178,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia