PhillyMag Top 50

Here’s the list for 2015.

I’m surprised Noord is not included.

Beat me to it! Saw the link on Facebook, then lost it.

Thanks for posting, SP1.

The one that feels way out of place is Bin Bin. Kanella is not on the list but was closed part of the year.

I don’t have much by way of comparison for Bing Bing, since it’s not a traditional dim sum place (I do like Dim Sum Garden quite a bit)… but I thought the soup dumplings were pretty good, and the crispy lamb roll was incredible.

Lists like these are always going to be subjective, of course. I was not at all impressed with my meal at Marigold Kitchen… tho it was memorable in other ways :laughing:

Last week I had crab & kimchee soup dumplings. Really good. They’ve have been very creative, and with their offerings. I feel there food continues to improve as they have gotten established.

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