PhillyMag Top 50

(SP1) #1

Here’s the list for 2015.

I’m surprised Noord is not included.

(Natascha) #2

Beat me to it! Saw the link on Facebook, then lost it.

Thanks for posting, SP1.

(Chris Donald) #3

The one that feels way out of place is Bin Bin. Kanella is not on the list but was closed part of the year.

(Natascha) #4

I don’t have much by way of comparison for Bing Bing, since it’s not a traditional dim sum place (I do like Dim Sum Garden quite a bit)… but I thought the soup dumplings were pretty good, and the crispy lamb roll was incredible.

Lists like these are always going to be subjective, of course. I was not at all impressed with my meal at Marigold Kitchen… tho it was memorable in other ways :laughing:

(SP1) #5

Last week I had crab & kimchee soup dumplings. Really good. They’ve have been very creative, and with their offerings. I feel there food continues to improve as they have gotten established.