Philly Trip Part II: Brigantessa, Sansom Oyster House, Dandelion Redux, Luke's Lobster, Vernick

Our meal at Brigantessa was very nice. The pizza is indeed quite good, but the star of the evening was the burrata, roasted carrots & pistachio pesto appetizer. Incredible combination of flavors. We also enjoyed the amaro flights with dessert.

Lunch the next day was a dozen oysters & a Bloody Caesar at Sansom Oyster House.

Dinner was decent wings and 2.5 martinis at the World Cafe Live for Rickie Lee’s show. We were all still pretty hungry and thirsty afterwards and were hoping for small plates and wine at Tria, but they were about to close… so we stumbled across the street to the Dandelion, despite our mediocre experience on Saturday.

Low and behold, an alumna from our university was working the bar (we were also the only ones there), so we drank well & were also offered some leftover food for free: a bunch of bacon, a very decent steak I proceeded to cut into chunks & fed to the hungry crowd :slight_smile: and very good roasted sweet potatoes… fun night.

Went to Luke’s Lobster the following day, where my man and I had a lobster & crab roll, respectively. And because we are gluttons, we split another lobster roll between us.

Dinner was at Vernick, still our favorite place to return to every time we’re in the city.

We shared a bunch of toasts, a few dishes from the raw bar (the arctic char being the standout dish)

octopus and escarole caesar

Not pictured are sweetbreads with piperade, blood orange & chorizo; parmesan custard with crispy baby artichokes, the half Amish chicken & dessert.

Another great trip with good eats, too much booze and great company.


Thanks for posting! Sounds like you had a great trip.

Thanks for reading. I don’t think I’ve had any bad trips to Philly yet :slight_smile:


If you want a bad trip we could tell you just where to eat :wink:

Barra Rossa, Chart House are a good start.

That’s an offer too easy to refuse '-)

The Oyster House on Samson is one our favorite restaurants on the planet, and Giuseppe the bartender is the best bartender on the planet.

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Six years later, and still holds true.