Philly Cheese Steaks

Why? Because it is ground vs sliced? Not an issue for me so long as the rest of the stuff is amazing. I grind sirloin and chuck for this, and IMHO, thinly slicing steak for this is just an inconvenience.

Sure, that meat would work. Probably just as important is the roll and the “cheese”.

looks more like the filing for a meat pie than a cheesesteak to me, but cheers to your successful experiment. I’m still sticking with this!



Cheesesteaks look tasty but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten one. I spent 10 hours in the Philly airport one day and didn’t think to give one a try. That afternoon was the longest three weeks of my life.


yes, because it is ground beef. I also do not consider a salisbury steak a steak, its a hamburger patty.
I said it looked good and I am sure it was a delicious ground meat sandwich.

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So finely chipped up meat is “steak”, but coarsely ground is not?

I get Salisbury steak is not a steak, but neither is chipped up beef. And while I have not been there, the associates I know in PA tell me most of it is crap.

Semantics maybe… I dunno. Call them whatever you want.

Loose meat sandwiches

Firstly, the ground beef is “welded” together by being firmly smashed into the bottom of a smokin’ hot cast iron pan. Then glued with a thick deli slice of cheese. The cheese covered patties are then knifed into the sauced sautéed veggies where the cheese continues to bind that mixture together.

So maybe “glued meat sandwich”.

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Well, you’ve invented something. Just not sure what to name it.
Glue reminds me of horses, so that’s no good.

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Me neither. Have you tied one yet?

Well its sliced, not chipped and the quality depends on where you go.

For all of you that are dubious about this, I beg you to try it. If your cooking skills are decent (timing of pan temps, etc.) it can be done in about 7 minutes. Sautéing the veggies takes the longest.

Still not a cheese steak :cut_of_meat:

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I’m curious to see a photo.

I’m sticking to grilling burgers and buying cheesesteaks from the cheesesteak/hoagie shop for now

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I always thought it was a little weird, but there are at least a couple of restaurants in our town who do a ground beef/onion/pepper/cheese all mixed together on bread. They call it chopped cheese. Odd name.

I am thinking “Smash Philly”.

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Looks tasty - to me, it looks like a broken up smash burger which i think id rather have whole. Cheesesteak, IDK, you’ve certainly captured some of the color and surely flavor…It’s something else you’ve created – bravo! SteakinPollock

Maybe it’s the california talking but i’d just wrap that mixture up in a tortilla with the fries and some hotsauce and call it a day.


works for me

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ground beef wid’ fixings on a hoagie roll has been a Philadelphia thing since the 50’s
we also had “pizza steaks”

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