Philadelphia's Best Lunches Under $10 Dollars

In a top-notch eating city like Philadelphia, there’s no need to spend big money to dine well. Philly’s restaurant scene makes excellent eats available at all price points, including pretty darn cheap.

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Whether the occasion is a power lunch, a romantic supper or a late-night nosh, true Philadelphia deliciousness can be enjoyed at low cost. Here are just a few options for under $10 lunches

Philadelphia Lunch Under $10:

Dim Sum Garden – Chinatown’s popular destination for soup buns remains one of the best values in the city. Snacks here, such as dumplings and curry chicken cakes, cost well below $10, as do the steaming hand-pulled noodle bowls. 1020 Race Street, (215) 873-0258,
Goldie – When an award-winning chef turns to street food, everyone wins. In the heart of Center City, chef Michael Solomonov’s vegan falafel joint draws lines for pita pockets ($7.50), salads ($9), fries ($3)—and legendary tahini shakes ($5). (Stair access only.) 1526 Sansom Street, (267) 239-0777,

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Surprise that there aren’t any Japanese Ramen mentioned, but maybe all Ramen has been priced over $10.

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