Philadelphia: the Ten Best Cheesesteaks

I don’t know much about cheesesteaks, but a Philly native has spent a year focused on finding the ten best cheesesteaks in the Philadelphia area. I’ve been reading his Blog along the way, and it’s very thoughtful and analytical, and very well written. The Blog is BZ Maestro Eats. It’s made me very interested in cheesesteaks, a sandwich I’d previously, well, scorned.
He’s done a background blog that has links to around 50 or 60 individual reviews, and a piece on the 5 best rolls. I’ve linked to those on my blog,, and I’ll link to each of the top ten, but you can go straight to BZ Maestro Eats.
It’s well worth followings and should start some lively discussion.

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I can’t tell you when was the last time the following website was updated, but this is a list of Old School east in Philly that, back in the day, was a sort of Bible to the area (including cheesesteaks):

Ah, how things change. Great resource. There’s a ;large – I mean large – Philly cheesesteak group on Facebook.

As in so many cases, a lot of places are living off reputation. The same is true of barbecue places

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The funny thing is, John, that I’ve always been lead to believe that any listing of the top 10 Cheesesteak places in Philly generally run something like

  1. The current author’s current favorite.
  2. Some other author’s current favorite.
  3. Doesn’t matter - subsumbed into 1 or 2.
  4. Etc.
  5. Etc.
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Here they are, along with links to every cheesesteak he tried during the year.

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Holly died a few years ago.


Should have had a lot more years