Philadelphia Roast Pork

I went to the Reading Terminal Market for the first time in a very long time, and headed straight to Tommy DiNic’s. Good move.

Here’s a better view

This is a very good sandwich, and we found the Reading Terminal Market a good, friendly lace to eat, in large part because we got there at 10:30ish, and the crowds hadn’t swamped the place …yet. We shared a table with an interesting guy who helped inspire me to a second sandwich, about which more anon.
My blog post is up now for those who want more.


Good to know it’s still putting out great eats. Looks like a dream.

a dream indeed!

Congratulation. DiNic does make a good roast pork. I like broccoli rabe with sharp provolone. What did you get? I see you have hot pepper? I love Hershel’s East Side Deli as well. So many wonderful stores there.

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Bro coil rabe, sharp provolone, as per BZMaestroEats advice.

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Broccoli rabe help gives that contrast flavor. I thought you have hot pepper or some kind of pepper there, no? Glad you enjoy the nice roast pork sandwich. I remember reading somewhere that… roast pork is a better representation of Philadelphia than Philly Cheesesteak.

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The Philly cheesesteak has upped its game a lot, buyer by sesame rolls and Cooper Sharp cheese, among other changes. The guru is at BZMaestroEats. There are links at my blog post on the pork sandwich.

Mope to come

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Ah! I just posted on Hershel’s. I loved it!

For some reason I can’t upload photos right now.


There have always been much better cheesesteaks in Philly than “Wiz wit” Glad you found them.

Nice write up of Hershel’s - I havent been in a while and now I’m thinking I need to get up early Saturday and head over for pastrami for breakfast

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Thanks. I love Hershel’s. I also love DiNic. However, I discover Hershel’s on my own. e.g. never read any review, try it and love it. DiNic is more because of all the reviews I read.

Yes, pastrami vs corn beef at Hershel’s. I love both from Hershel’s. I want to say I like pastrami a bit more, but I really love both.

My favorite roast pork is at the original Nick’s Roast Beef. They have opened up two other locations, but the one at 20th and S. Jackson is an only-in Philly experience. It’s a bar with ovens in the basement where they roast beef, ham, pork and turkey. Served on a round roll. Of course, several other very good ones around, but this is special.

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what sort of roll? Do you know the bakery/source?

I do not know the source, a good sandwich roll, sort of like it if was a hoagie but different shape.