Philadelphia, DC and Balto -- all together?

I’m wondering if this is a temporary board or whether it will remain as is. These are three very different markets and not really close enough to each other to be considered one regional board. Also, where does Delaware fit into this mix?

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Yeah good point. It seem Delaware and New Jersey are a little more closer to Philly. That being said, it is tough to operate a new website15 people want 15 different things. I do appreciate that sometime too many boards will dilute the efforts. For example, I actually think having a vegetarian board so early may not be useful at all. There isn’t enough of a critical mass to support a vegetarian board.

It just seems to make more sense to separate the regions now and let the topics populate as they will.

I think we should have only three regional boards.

San Francisco
New York
The rest of America


:cry: I thought you liked Philly, Chem?


This is temporary. In reality each of these cities should get their own board. Just like we really shouldn’t group LA, San Diego, OC and Inland Empire all in Southern California like we do now. But we only have a few posts in this board, and SoCal board so far. hence the aggregation. once we have a few thread a day for each city, I will split.

Please feel free to invite folks from your geo to join! Thanks!

I agree. When we get a larger or more lively crowd, then we can split to multiple boards. The challenge is that it can be a lot of work to recatergoize the previous posts at a later time. Still, I 100% agree that we should have few boards to concentrate the responses.

I am very much into Cookware, but you probably noticed that I have not asked to split the Cookware section out – just because I don’t there is enough participants for that yet.

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Moving Philly to its own board. Where should Delaware fit? I see that some classify DE valley as part of the Philly metro area, but please share your thoughts.

I just asked the same question. My personal opinion is that northern Delaware – that is, Wilmington and the towns above the canal – can logically be included on this new board, not only because of its proximity to Philly and the western 'burbs, but also because I don’t think there would be enough “traffic” here for DE to have its own board. As for the adjacent NJ counties, I’ll defer to folks who live there to decide.

“Delaware Valley” is kind of a vague description, IMHO.

Really think you should carve out the D.C./Baltimore. People are never going to start posting about those areas as long the board is dominated by Philly 95% of the time.

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