Phat Eatery - Katy, Texas

So I was invited to a private event at Phat Eatery last week. I know we had talked about a meetup there before COVID and before Dr Oyster abandoned us, but alas it never happened. I had never been there before, and I’d be willing to bet I was the only person at the fourth anniversary party who hadn’t. Every employee and about half of the other guests knew the five other people at my table so I was in excellent company.

But I’m not just bragging here - I actually had the wherewithal to take pictures and don’t believe I should waste the effort, so here ya go:

This is a snow crab salad with a mango, cucumber relish.

Shrimp and scallop dumpling with Black truffle wrapper and shrimp shu mai with Siberian caviar, (to be eaten upside down in one bite!)

Sea Bass with XO sauce.

Braised Ox Tail with Yellow Curry sauce.

Pandan and Durian ice cream.

There were also some excellent libations and simply wonderful company. (Even the Aggies!)

As I noted before on another thread, the owner of Phat Eatery, Alex Au-Yeong is an amazing guy. Very genuine, generous and very humble. It’s easy to recommend his restaurant.

He’s also announced he’s opening a larger store in the Woodlands with an expanded menu. If you’re out there, keep on the lookout for it early next year. You’ll like it.


Looks amazing! You know I went with Jaymes to the 3rd anniversary dinner. I may have posted pics here. This dinner looks outstanding.


Also, did you notice Eric Sandler there? He posted a pic of that ice cream.

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Yeah, I think I caught a glimpse.

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